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Autumn has arrived! And with him also many changes .

New climate, lower temperatures, different length of days, fewer hours of light and new life habits.

All conditions that our organism cannot fail to feel.

In fact, for many people the change of season means: tiredness, weakness, stress, insomnia, irritability, gastric disorders and general malaise.

In particular , there are 3 areas that are most sensitive and on which it is necessary to intervene to recover our best state of well-being:


Physical and mental tiredness , weakness and the immune defenses most at risk are typical conditions of the change of season. We often feel without energy, the usual routine is heavy for us and this generates stress , anxiety and a constant feeling of having "flat batteries".

To counter this situation it is very useful:

  • Pay particular attention to nutrition , in order to provide the body with all the vitamins and nutrients it needs
  • Practicing sports and movement as much as possible which, in addition to improving our physical shape and making us more resistant, also counteracts stress by stimulating the production of endorphins or "hormones of good mood"
  • Relying on supplements that can fill the gaps and support body and mind.

An example? SOLDEFENCE buccal supplement based on dog rose, astragalus, echinacea and elderberry which helps support the natural immune defenses and SOLMINERAL buccal supplement designed to maintain normal energy levels based on magnesium, potassium and precious mineral salts.


The decrease in the hours of light and a different production of melatonin during the change of season can alter and disturb our sleep-wake rhythm .

Result? It's hard to fall asleep, you sleep badly, it's difficult to get up and get up in the morning and throughout the day you feel de-concentrated, low-key and…tired again!

Nature offers us a valid aid to counteract this condition and find peaceful and truly restful sleep .

Like? Thanks to the extraordinary effects of ingredients such as chamomile or passion flower, often included in specific supplements such as SOLRELAX , a buccal supplement based on chamomile, passion flower, melatonin and griffonia which promotes falling asleep and helps improve sleep quality and body tone. 'humor.

Do you want to take care of your Wellness at 360° during the change of season? Discover the specific DEFENSE & STRENGTH KIT with SOLDEFENCE, SOLMINERAL and SOLRELAX supplements at a special price >>>


A further consequence of the change of season and of the non-performing physical and mental state can be various gastro-intestinal disorders .

Digestive difficulties, increased acidity, loss of our normal regularity are some examples of the effects that are often felt in this period.

Paying attention to your diet and taking care of your general well-being are essential actions to regain balance. Furthermore, probiotic supplements or specific supplements can help us to relieve symptoms such as hyperacidity or constipation .

Cutered Laboratories have created the REGULARITY & INTESTINAL WELLNESS KIT precisely to support people from this point of view. The KIT consists of the buccal supplement SOLTRANSIT , which promotes digestion and natural intestinal regularity , and the water-soluble supplement SOLGASTRO , which helps protect the gastric mucosa and counteract acidity and heartburn.

It's normal to experience moments, such as the change of season, in which we don't feel at our best.

The most important thing in such situations is to listen to your body , welcome its different condition, respect its rhythms and take the best measures to support it naturally.

Taking care of your well -being carefully is always the right choice. In every season!



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